W H A T  W E  D O 


The Ripple name is based on our ability to take a whisper of newsworthiness and watch it explode into the public. It's also an homage to one of the best Grateful Dead songs ever written.

Our thinking has evolved with the industry, but one thing will always remain at the core and that's solid and targeted communication works. If you choose the Ripple way of doing business, you'll become a partner instead of a client that we simply add to our list. Won't you join us?


W H O  W E  A R E

Tali Faris-Hylen, Founder and Partner

Tali Faris-Hylen, Founder and Partner

Almost 20 years ago, Tali entered the field of Public Relations as Ilyse’s intern at a firm in Chicago with Tennessee ties. They tell people their relationship has lasted longer than most marriages. It’s true.

Their brand of PR merges their personal and professional strengths and they lead a team that can tackle any PR challenge.

Tali prides herself on her ability to talk to anyone. She prefers listening (although she can AND WILL talk a lot) and loves to learn from every human she meets because EVERYONE has a story.

She’s executed cross promotions with Nickelodeon and Disney while working with Dippin’ Dots ice cream, secured over 600 media placements for “The World’s Largest Cupcake” as declared by Guinness World Records, branded Greg Christian as “Chicago’s Conscious Caterer,” and has garnered placements for clients from USA Today to The Colbert Report. 

Tali and her husband have three kids and a rescue mutt. She’s active within her children’s schools and community, serving on several boards and chairing fundraisers.

She runs the East Lansing branch of Ripple.


Ilyse Strongin, Founder and Partner

Ilyse Strongin, Founder and Partner

Ilyse’s experience as a world traveler (following the Grateful Dead to hundreds of shows worldwide) helps her think outside of the box for publicity opportunities utilizing such things as events, cross-promotions and speaking engagements. A consummate entertainer, she also knows how to throw an amazing party, for clients and family and friends. Her true “deadhead” days might be over, but you can still find her wearing tie-dye on the weekends at her favorite place, a home in Wisconsin on the lake.  

In her previous position, Ilyse built a public relations department from the ground up for an advertising agency where she initially hired Tali.  After ten years of working together, their chemistry and complimentary work ethics flowed into Ripple Public Relations.

Ilyse received her undergraduate degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Illinois, and her Masters of Arts in Print Journalism from Columbia College. She has experience as an adjunct professor of Public Relations at Carthage College in Wisconsin. Ilyse has two daughters and a rescue mutt named Lucky.

She runs the main Highland Park office of Ripple.

More Ripplettes coming soon!